Managing your IT service requirements

Reduce costs and manage your IT requirements through a single point of contact.

Lots of small to medium enterprises add to their IT infrastructure over a period of time.  A telephone or telephone network probably came first, probably with BT and they may still be the provider.  Further along in time, you might have decided to use email and maybe even have your own domain name.  Later still came a web site.

Now comes the first potential issue.  Each of these services could be provided by a different company and what happens when something goes wrong?  A blames B, B blames A and you have a little less hair than you once did.

By having us take over the management of your IT services, you have only one point of contact should the need arise.  It's our job to take the hassle away from you.

The second issue is that you are probably not getting the most cost effective deal for your combination of services.

We believe that a recent rationalisation of services on behalf of a client has the potential to save them a minimum of £300 per quarter.

Our service is not based upon commission.  We will charge you for the time we take to survey your requirements and if we think we cannot save you enough to make change worthwhile, we will say so.

Why not contact us today and arrange for us to come and see you.

Let us manage your IT requirements and you could be saving both time and money.


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