Professional web site design service

Here at 1ontheweb we offer a professional web site design service with a design philosophy of - less is more.

By this we mean that a clean elegant design that fits with your business is to be preferred to one with unnecessary graphics, animations, sound, etc. that do nothing to enhance the visitor experience.  On the contrary, most visitors find them very irritating.

All our web sites are designed to adhere to the coding standards laid down by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).  In addition, web site design is carried out to meet accessibility guidelines.  Understandable and consistent web site navigation, plus useful content where the user expects to find it, are what keeps the visitor on your site.  If you can't keep them, you won't win their business.

Initially, we work with you to produce a 'look-n-feel' for the web site design that will become the site's template, unique to your business.  Only when this has been agreed do we start to add content.

The issues you need to consider when writing your page content are explained.  E.g., the need to consider key words and how search engines operate.  An iterative process then often takes place.  We will review your content with an eye on search engine optimisation and, where appropriate, make suggestions as to how you may reword certain bits, include more relevant keywords, etc.  You check that the suggestions do not alter the sense of what you were saying and, hopefully, approve them.

Only at this point is the content used to construct another page for your web site.

When the time comes, we will of course also take care of submitting your site to the popular search engines.

If you need help with obtaining the images and writing the text for your web site, we can provide those people too.  Complete professional web site design at sensible prices.


These pages have been redesigned with accessibility at the fore front of the design concept.

All the pages on this web site have been 'signed'.  By this we mean that each page's html tag has id='oneontheweb-net'.  This enables you, the end-user, to easily encode your own style sheet to style these pages to suit your needs, and have that style applied automatically each time you visit this site.

If you have any problems with access, please email the webmaster.

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